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10/6/2020......Greetings from the Backseat. We hope everyone is staying safe!  Obviously, with everyone still under some sort of restrictions, playing live is not really a certain thing in any bands future right now. We are great friends with many, many club and bar owners and know they have been struggling. Hopefully, we will get back out there soon. In the meantime, we are writing tons of new material and are discussing possible studio plans. We are revamping all our social media platforms as well. We really appreciate all the great support we have received from all of you!! See you out there soon!! - mike      p.s.......Wyatt says hello. 

  8/24/2021......Well, well, well......Here were are boys and girls. Getting back to rehearsals and starting to book some shows. We have started plans and have met with THE DREAM ASSASIN HIMSELF Dick Hodgin to produce the next record at his beautiful Osceola Recording Studios here in Raleigh. We are pretty stoked about that. Not too much has changed here in the backseat except Wyatt won't roll the windows down and I am still trying to find the lighter. Stay tuned for some more updates in the next few weeks. Cheers!!! Oh.....and take care of each other!!

12/1/2021....The writing continues. It is pretty amazing. The creative process and all that....we are also looking to start booking some serious dates for 2022. So hit us up!!! Cheers!! oh....and Wyatt says hey!

1/11/2022.....Headed up to Charleston, West "By God" Virginia for a big show at The Empty Glass on Feb. 12. Got a private show here in Raleigh on 1/21. We cannot wait for you all to hear the new stuff!!!

Cheers from the Backseat!! oh......stay safe ya'll. 


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